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  • FXOpen Increases Margin due to the 2nd Round of Presidential Vote in France

    Due to the 2nd round of Presidential Vote in France to be held on May 7th 2017, FXOpen will increase margin requirements up to 5 times their normal level starting from May 3rd 2017 without further notice. The changes will affect all financial instruments that include EURO.

    Between May 3rd and May 9th traders may also experience high volatility, increased margin, low liquidity and wider spreads.

    Margin requirements will return back to their normal values with the market opening on May 9th.


  • FXOpen Warns of High Volatility and Increased Margin Caused by the Presidential Election in France

    Due to the Presidential Election, that will be held in France on April 23th 2017, you may experience high volatility on all financial instruments. In connection with this FXOpen may increase margin requirements on April 21-24, 2017 without prior notice.

    During this period traders may experience changes in trading conditions such as

    • high volatility
    • increased margin
    • low liquidity
    • wider spreads



  • 50% Off on Commission for Deposits via Skrill Rapid Transfer

    FXOpen launches a new method of deposit – Skrill Rapid Transfer. During the first 3 months, our customers will have a chance to benefit from a 50% discount on transaction fees when paying via Skrill Rapid Transfer.
    Until July 17th you can fund your FXOpen eWallet using Skrill Rapid Transfer and pay only 1% commission!

    Benefits of Rapid Transfer:

    • You can pay directly from you online banking account, no need to register with Skrill;
    • Full chargeback protection;
    • Low transaction fees;
    • Your transfer is protected by your bank’s high security standards;
    • Instant notification of successful payment.

    Add Funds via Skrill Rapid Transfer



  • Changes to FXOpen Trading Hours on Easter

    Dear Traders,
    Please note that due to the celebration of Easter the following changes in trading hours and terms will be made:

    Friday, April 14
    Currency pairs: normal trading hours;
    Commodities and Indices: trading is closed.

    Monday, April 17
    Currency pairs: normal trading hours;
    Commodities: normal trading hours;

    • Australia 200 – trading closed;
    • Europe 50 – trading closed;
    • France 40 – trading closed;
    • Germany 30 – trading closed;
    • Germany 30 (Mini) – trading closed;
    • UK 100 – trading closed;

    Other indices will be traded without changes.

    FXOpen would like to recommend considering this information in your trading and wishes you a very happy Easter!

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    FXOpen Customer Service
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Live Chat (24/5)


  • الجولة الثامنة عشرة من "Forex Finals" تبدأ في 10 أبريل

    تبدأ الجولة الأخيرة، الجولة الـ 18 من "Forex Finals" فى 10 أبريل وستستمر حتى 5 مايو. "Forex Finals" هى مسابقة تداول متكررة على الحسابات الحقيقية. التسجيل مفتوح بالفعل. في نهاية الجولة سوف نحدد أفضل 5 متداولين الذين سوق يتقاسمون الجائزة المالية 1,400 USD. وسيتم منح الفائز حساب PAMM STP مع رصيد 1,000 USD داخله.
    هذه الجولة سيكون لها جوائز إضافية! سنقوم بمقارنة نتائج جولات Forex Finals من الجولة 13 إلى الجولة 18 ونقوم بتحديد أفضل المتداولين استنادا إلى الأداء في الجولات ال 6 الماضية من المسابقة. هؤلاء المتداولين الثلاث سيتم منحهم 3 3 حسابات PAMM إضافية بقيمة 3000$, 1000$ و 1000$ على التوالي.

    سجل الآن


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